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Friday, August 19, 2016

ZaniL Design Spring 2016 Collection

ZaniL Design Elegant Australian Made Jewellery
                  Spring 2016 Collection
Welcome everyone and thank you for browsing. I can see that I have had many visitors last month. Please let me know if you like my site or if I could do things better.  Remember there is 10% off when ordering off the blog. I have priced my items competitively and 10% makes them even more so good value for the quality and workmanship that is guaranteed. Also they are made locally and you are supporting a person rather that a huge organisation. SO THANKS AGAIN TO EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

This Month I have found some great pearls and combined them with some beads I already had in stock. I have come up with some gorgeous simple and elegant designs just in time for Spring.
Also Have made lots of Clip on earrings as I have had lots of requests from the market customers.

This month and September I have another Deal - Buy one item and Get 30 % of the 2nd item (least value). Happy shopping !

AUG16-N1 - $70.00

AUG16-N2  $40 Reduced from $65

AUG16-N3  $50

AUG16-E1  $30

AUG16-E2 $35

AUG16-E3  $35

AUG16-N4  $50.00

AUG16-N5   $70

AUG16-E4  $30

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