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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ZaniL Design New and Exciting Designs to Add to your Collection

ZaniL Design Handmade Elegant and Stylish Jewellery For all Ocassions.
Be Elegant and Stylish with ZaniL Design
Welcome, thanks for looking at my designs.
I have been making jewellery for over 8 years now and if you have been following me for that long you will see that my designs have evolved over the years. I still design to stay true to creating jewellery that will be tresured and worn with pride that says something about your stlye and individuality.
These pieces have sold - made to order.

Swarovski Sliders and sterling silcer Ear wires
Code: FEB14-E001 Price: $28.00

Code: FEB14-E002 Price: $30.00

Code: FEB14-N001 Price: $48.00 Set

Code: FEB14-BR001 Price: $25.00

Code: FEB14-E003  Price: $12.00

Code:FEB14-BR002  Price: $55.00

Code: FEB14-E004 Price: $12.00

Code: FEB14-E005 Price: $25.00
( pearls are slightly different- last pair)

Code: FEB14-H001 Price: $10.00

Code: FEB14-E006 Price: $55.00

Code: FEB14-BR003 Price: $45.00

Code: FEB14-E007 Price: $75.00
(14kt/20 gold plate over brass ) 9ct gold price equivalent approx $160.00

Code: FEB14-E008 Price: $60.00
(14kt/20 gold plate over brass )  9ct price much more.
Why  buy from ZaniL Design?
  • It is handmade and not mass produced.
  • It is made in Australia from imported and local beads.
  • Jewellery comes with warranty. 
  • It is elegant and stylish and unique.
  • You are supporting your local economy
  • You are getting value for money.


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