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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ZaniL Design Commission Works

Welcome To ZaniL Design Elegant 

Handmade Jewellery

Thanks for browsing and I hope you have a nice day. Over the last month or 2 I have had a few commissions to make some special items and bridal sets and I thought I would showcase them here for all to see. 
Let me know if you need to have something made or need to have something repaired. Sometimes jewellers can't  repair costume jewellery. I can also restring gem stone necklaces as well as pearls.

Call Lina 
0407 892 760

This beautiful Lapis Lazuli necklace has been made with Gold filled Corrugated beads and gold filled clasp and has been knotted. It was designed by Barbara and it came up so beautiful.  Gold and blue look Royal together. Thanks Barbara for the work.

This is a bridesmaid necklace made with Swarovski and Glass bugles and sterling silver findings.
I made 4 of these necklaces and they looked so elegant. These were designed by Annette. Thanks Annette for this Bridal commission.

This was also designed by Annette after combining a few ideas from other pieces that I had made. It is  made with Fresh water pearls and Peyote beaded tubes. The pendants and earrings have swirls on them.

This is a Jew fish Necklace made with the 'Jewels'out of a Jew fish. Holes were drilled into the Jewels and then they were wire wrapped and strung onto tiger tail.


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Designer Jewelry Brands said...

This business is her passion and it makes her feel great that sh can creatively express herself. She also creatively contributes to worthwhile and charitable causes through her business. This is a great thing. It's important to to give back something. Lina's aim is for her designs to be desired and sought after by anyone wanting to feel special and individually unique.