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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summer 2011 - Elegant Earrings

Welcome to my Jewellery Blog

Firstly thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay. Did you know most of these designs are unique and usually not recreated so you are gauranteed to get a piece that no one else will have.

I am not sure where all my ideas come from , but I am thankful that they keep coming and sometimes my hands cannot work as fast as my mind creates.

I have not been making many things lately due to trying to finish off my Canberra show pieces which I will post soon.

Please leave me a comment if you feel inclined or better still perhaps you would like to purchase some of these items- click on the add to cart and Pay Pal will do the rest.

Remember I also sell at the markets and some popular items may already be sold.

Above Black Onyx Faceted ovals with non -tarnish wire work and Sterling earwires.
5 cm drop.

Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E002

Deep rich colour , looks great .Czech beads
Gold plated. Magnetic clasp and Fob clasp
19cm bracelets.
Price : $40.00 set ( either Bracelet)
Price: $15.00 earring
Price: $26.00 Bracelets
Code: FEB2011-BR001


Elegant Earring that will get muchn use long after your wedding day. Swarovski beads and Sterling ear.
Short 3.6cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E003

Swarovski Sliders , Sterling ear wires.
6 cm drops.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E004a - E004b (black)

Choose Colour

White foil coins and sterling ear wires
6 cm drop.
Price: $40.00
Code: FEB2011-E005

Black Glass and Red Sea Bamboo with Silver plated
Continental ear wires. Short 3.5cm drop.
Price: $17.00
Code: FEB2011-E006

Fresh water Pearls and Red Sea Bamboo. Short 3.5 cm drop.
Price: $20.00
Code: FEB2011- E007

Ocean current Swirls and non- tarnish wire work with sterling ear wires. 5 cm drop.
Price: $45.00
Code: FEB2011-E008

Cheers for now. Thanks for looking and hopefully you will return.

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