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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Bead Artists Palate

Welcome to my September posts!

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my posts. I have posted a few designs this month, I do hope you like them.
This last post , I thought I would post a picture of how the creations start out, as a pile or strand of beads. I usually look at the beads and I get ideas based on the beads as well as what I have been hoarding over the last couple of years combined with some of the techniques I have learned and new skills gained recently. I always save a few to hoard ( just addicted to hoarding).
The kids will be lucky to inherit my stash of beads ( if I run out of time to use them up).
Anyway keep posted on what these beads will become.
My current thougths on any creative pursuit is that artforms capture a moment in time as artist are always changing their styles. This goes for any type of creation , from painting to fashion (every year designers are making new things for us to wear). So creativity is a representation of time captured forever. What do you think ?
I have been giving some thought to starting a E party - where you can have a jewellery party on the net. You simply send my web page to a group of friends who order directly from my web page . Then 10% of total sales will go towards a credit to the Email hostess to obtain Free Jewellery.
So what does everyone think? Why not enquire today, nothing to lose ,but free jewellery to gain.
Another new addition to my current offerings is that I will be drawing out names on my email list every month to win a prize, just for being on the list. This will start shortly.

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