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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Growing Vegetables for Health and Flavour

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You are problably wondering why there is a picture of a green house on this blog about jewellery.

The reason for this is gardening is my other passion and something I love to do and have done for years. Since I was child, my parents have always grown some of their vegetable and fruits. I remember once we had a prolific passionfruit vine and one year we harvested 2000 passionfruits. We also had a wonderful Mulberry tree, we made mulberry jam and tarts. After school we would go to feast on the mulberry tree on the hot summer afternoons. These are great childhood memories and now I have finally got a mulberry tree and passionfruit here on our property.

I owe my love to create and grow my own produce to my parents. I just love the idea of a simplier and fuller life by embracing nature and making your own hand made items from clothes, jams jewellery cards and whatever else that you can imagine. It also gives you a sense of being in control by not having to completly rely on buying everything from a super market.

The above picture is of our green house, that my husband Steve has built. We plan to grow our vegetables during the cold winter months here in Canberra. We are not sure what to expect as this will be our first winter . So lets hope it works. First picture is after a couple of weeks planting and the second picture is about one month later. This system is an aquaponics closed system where there a fish in a tank. The nutrients from the tank are pumped into the grow beds, the plants clean the water which drains back into the fish tanks. The water cycles through every hour or so.

Why do we grow own vegetables? I don't think it is because we save money ( I think we could have bought a couple of tons of vegetables by now with the money we have spent) .

For us it is because the vegetables have more flavour and taste so much better than supermarket variety as well as being totally chemical free. You get so much satisfaction from growing your own especially when a meal has been made entirely from the garden. There are immense health benefits, not to mention the excercise you are also getting when you are planting and harvesting the crops.

I get a lot of pleasure from seeing the fruit form and almost go out everyday to see how much the vegetables have grown (which isn't much in the space of one day) - however can be amazing if you are growning water melons and zuchinnis.

You do get a large quantity more than you would need, but you can alway learn to preserve or find some new recipe to use up the excess. The other thing is sharing with friends, who may be inspired to try to grow a few vegies as well.

So the reason to grow your own are many. Above picture is of our chickens - free range eggs taste better as well.

Hope you enjoyed this article , next article will be about Broad beans planting and off course so more beautiful and unique jewellery designs.

cheers for now.



Dawning One said...

love your new 'gardening section' lina but I think it would be more appropriate to have a new blog linked to this one rather than having it on the jewellery blog as this may deter jewellery clients from checking in as they won't necessarily be interested in gardening.

Anonymous said...

I will respectfully disagree. It will move down in prominence as she posts new materials. Or perhaps she thinks her system is a real JEWEL! I do.

Lina said...

Thanks for the great feed back.
I am going to do a post in the middle of the month about gardening etc and post my jewellery designs at the beginning of the month and leave enough time space for posts to be read before next post.
Keep checking on new deveoplment. This blog is a work in progress.