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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ZaniL - Pendant Sets- just add your own chain

Welcome to ZaniL Design Award Winning Handmade Jewellery Designs

This month I have made more Turquoise pendant sets and have used up all the best beads and I have no more left.

The set I made last month sold before It got to the markets. Also these sets are priced very reasonably at the prices I got the turquoise a year or so ago. The price of turquoise as well as all other gemstones has been increasing . I could not even get the same quality beads or shape, so if you like these sets send me an email to hold it for you as it will definitely not last.

This set has been made with Onyx as well as Swarovski Slider to make it look different and appealing.

On silver plated ear wire.
Price: $58.00 set.

Code: APR12-PEND001

Simple Turquoise set. silver plated ear wires.

Price: $47.50

Code: APR12-PEND002

Just add your chain to these pendants for a simple different look.

Price. Silver Swarovski Pendant $19.00

Gold foil wire work. $10.00

Code: APR12- PEND003 ( Swarovski)

APR12-PEND004 ( Foil)

This is such a pretty book mark made with some odds and ends I had.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. I am sure it will make a lovely gift to someone who has everything.

Price: $23.00


Cheers until next time.

Never give up on your dreams.


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