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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ZaniL Design- Begins Third year in Business

Welcome all to my blog

First thanks to all of my clients , who I have repaired jewellery for and all of my clients who have bought my designs and continue to inspire me to create new and exciting designs by making suggestions and giving me great feedback.

I am very excited about entering my third year and I plan on making ZaniL Design a Brand to be proud of. I may not achieve it quickly, but in slow and positive movements toward my goal, I will achieve it.
I am a believer of hard work and perserverence and have found it does get you results. So a big thanks to my customers as without you, I would not be able to continue.

At this point I would like to reaffirm what the ZaniL Design is about. It is about creating Stylish , Elegant and Distinctive jewellery that is Stunning and Alluring . It is about setting your own trends and being confident to be yourself. It is not about keeping up with the latest fashion trend ,it is about always being in Style, which is far more economical and more sustaining in the long term. I want you to love your ZaniL Design for many years, so that when it breaks ( nothing lasts forever) you will want to fix it.

Last month I wrote about attachments and detatchments , hopefully you found it interesting. I really think that things work out for the best in most cases and once we let go of our our attachments to how situations have turned out or should have turned out, then we can move on and achieve more. You always have to keep moving forward and tomorrow is another day and a chance to begin anew.

Last month was busy,thanks to a few sales promotions. I have be busy making lots of new designs to open up the new finacial year with. I have called my new range of Swarovski Creations- Be Alluring and Be Stunning. I am sure you will love them. They are very suited to formal and Bridal occasions or if you want something special that defines your style. These can be made in other colours so don't hestitate to equire about other colours.

ZaniL Design will be going to the New Fash N Treasure Market that will be on Saturday 17th of July. Come along a see other marketeers and support this new market.

Just incase you are a new vistior here are the services I offer.

  • Bridal and bridesmaid jewellery customed designed to suit your colours.
  • Custom design
  • Professional pearl knotting and cleaning
  • Intricate beaded jewellery repair
  • Costume jewellery repair
  • Jewellery parties ( Canberra and surround areas, Newcastle and surrounding areas).
  • E-parties- get your friends to buy off my blog and you get free jewellery.
  • remodelling of sentimental jewellery.
  • Swarovksi, Fresh water pearls, Gemstones , peyote and other beaded jewellery designs

Here's to a prosperous Third year of ZaniL Design in business and to you in whatever you do or chose to do . Remember to enjoy the journey , because in the end that is what it is all about. Do what you love as you will regret it if you don't.

Please comment as I love to hear what you have to say.

Drop me an email if you want to be on my email list for my Newsletters, go to the right banner and click on the email to send me one.

Kind regards

Lina - ZaniL Design CEO

ZaniL Design Be Alluring and Stunning Necklaces and Bracelets

Welcome To ZaniL Design Jewellery
Elegant and Always Stylish
Thank you for visiting my Blog.

Attention Brides of Canberra

Spend a few minutes and have a look at my hand crafted designs- or have a design custom made for you and your bridesmaids. I have helped a few brides with hard to march material and also made jewellery to match and compliment dresses perfectly. Don't waste anymore time- come and see if I can help and if I can't I may be able to refer you.

I have had a busy month and have also made some new and beautiful items that are sure to delight you. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Top: Gold and Amethyst Swarovski Bracelet.19cm
Bottom: Amethyst scroll and Amethyst crystals 18cm.
Code: JUL2010-BR001 -BR002
Price: BR001- $55.00 Br002- $35.00

choose bracelet

Gold SW scroll with Crystal make a stunning combination.

Code: JUL2010-BR003
Price: $43.00

Biwa Fresh water pearls and Silver FWP and SWarovski Pearls.
Sterling silver findings.
Code: BR004
Price: $57.00

These colours make a stunning necklace especially with these
beautiful beads. Forver Elegant- keep it for your grand children.
Perfect for formals and bridesmaids( comes in other colours).
Sterling silver earwires. 48cm
Code: JUL2010-NS001
Price: $130.00 set
Price: $87.00 necklace only

choose set

Amethyst round Swarovski Sliders and crystals.
45cm- can be made longer.
Code: JUL2010-N002
Price: $99.00

This is so beautiful and sutle that it could be wore everyday to work or kept for special occasions. As it is made in classical colours that will not date and with high quailty materials of Sterling silver and Swarovski component it will be forever elegant and stylish.
Code: JUL2010-N003.
Please send email enquire about the price. Also if you need matching earring , I will make them for 50% off the normal price.

I have one of these and every time I wear it, I get lots of comments.
Simple and elegant- not much more to say.
Code: JUL2010-N004
Price: $48.00

Be Inspired range of coloured Shell chips.

Very popular. 46cm long

Code: JUL2010-N005
Price: $27.00 set.

Be Inspired Necklace with Onyx clasp.
Code: JUL2010-N006
Price: $49.00 set.

Black and white Combination .
Glass and Pearls.
Code: JUL2010-N007
Price: $36.00

Thanks once again for visiting. Perhaps you don't need anymore jewellery, but would prefer to fix some of your broken jewllery- send me an email if you want it fixed. I can fixed almost any costume and beaded jewellery.
Kindest regards
Lina ZaniL Design CEO

ZaniL Design Be Alluring and Stunning Range

Welcome To ZaniL Design Stunning and Alluring Jewellery Designs.

Did you know that ZaniL Design jewellery is made in Canberra Australia and most designs are unique and only made once or upto to five times. Also you won't find things like this at the shops because each item has been made with love and not mass produced.

I have just loved making my new range of earrings this month in front of my lovely warm fire and the televsion, after spending the day thinking and visualizing them in my mind. They have turned out just as beautiful as I have imagined. Did you know the mind is a very powerful thing? We will do whatever our mind tells us to do. What are you thinking to day? Most importantly what are you saying in your mind, that is stopping you from achieving?

Anyway back to my new Stunning and Alluring Range. I know you will love these and they make great evening, formal and bridal pieces and even everyday wear. Set your own trends and be yourself in these- Be Alluring.

Amethyst and Gold - what a Stunning combination.
Swarovski sliders and Crytals and Gold filled ear wires.
6cm drop from top of hook.
Code: JUL2010-E006
Price: $44.00

Black and Silver make a classical colour combination.
Swarovski crystals and sliders and sterling silver ear wires.
6cm drop.
Code: JUL2010-E007
Price: $44.00

Gold swarovski sliders with Swarvoski Crytals and sterlinf silver ear
wires. 6 cm drop.
Code: JUL2010-E008
Price: $.37.00

Amethyst Swarovski sliders and crytals. Sterling silver ear wires.
6cm drop.
Price: $37.00

Swarovski Sliders and crystals. Sterling ear wires. 6cm drop.
code: JUL2010-E010
Price: $37.00

These are just so lovely and sparkling that you will be alluring in these
as we are all attracted to shinning and shimmer objects.
Swarovski square frames with sterlig silver and non tarnish findings.
Sterling ear wires. 5 cm drop.
Code: JUL2010-E011
Price: $55.00

These are a little unusual in a elegant way.
Sterling silver ear wires with non-tarnish wire work. Swarovski pearls.
Code: JUL2010-E012
Price: $34.00

Paua shell simple elegant earings. Silver plated.
short drop. 8mm diameter.
Code: JUL2010-E013a-c
Price: $15.00 - $16.00

choose earrings

Black Glass and swarovski Pearls. Sterling silver ear wires.
5cm drop.
Code: JUL2010-E014
Price: $35.00

Want to design your own- need my help- drop me an email, will be happy to assist.
Thanks everyone for your support and hopefully I can continue to delight and inspire you.
ZaniL Design CEO.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ZaniL Design Be Vibrant and Alluring Range

Welcome To ZaniL Design Jewellery
Australian Handbeaded Elegance

I have had a very busy month thanks to some sales promotions that I had running and some very smart shoppers got some great deals on my earrings. They got a free pair of earrings for every 2 pairs bought. Never mind if you missed out as I will have more specials at special times.

I hope everyone is well. We are freezing down here in Canberra with a few morning of frost and ice all over the place.

I had some fun in making these colourful and vibrant designs. They remind me of Indian jewellery with the rich colours. I just love the colours and you will too.

Above Left: Blue Fresh water pearl with Purple delica and black seed beads. Code: JUL2010-E001a
Price: $24.00 ( silver plated)
Above right: Black glass and purle delica and Gold. Gold plated.
Code: JUL2010-E001b
Price: $29.00

choose earrings

Across: Blue Fresh water pearl Centre with red and purple and black
seed beads with Non Tarnish ear wire.
Code: JUL2010-E002
Price: $25.00

upgrade to sterling

Round Fresh water pearl centre with Red Black and Gol
seed beads and Non tarnish earwire ( brass based)
Stunning colour combination . These can be made in silver also.
Please enquire if you prefer silver.
Code: JUL2010-E003
Price: $27.00

upgrade to gold filled

Left as above but with irregular grade A pearls and Gold filled
ear wires. Right Black Glass and gold plated ear wires.
Codes: JUL2010-EAR004a and EAR004b
Price: $32.00 (left)
Price: $29.00


More Red and Black designs.
Red dyed stone with black glass bicone and silver plated chandlier finding.
Code: JUL2010-E005
Price: $21.00

Cheers Guys.
Remember that you are where you are suppose to be at. And whatever will be will be.
Keep checking for more great and stylish earrings.
ZaniL Design where you get stylish and elegant designs always.