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Monday, November 30, 2009

ZaniL Design New Peyote Pendant Necklace- Pure Elegance

Welcome to ZaniL Design Elegant Jewellery

Be Elegant, Be Stylish and Be Distinctive and feel confident in a ZaniL. When you purchase a ZaniL Design, you are not just buying a piece of jewellery. You are buying the experience and the feeling of luxury and confidence that will come when wearing and recieving the lovely comments from perfect strangers.

I have developed this lovely elagant range keeping the above theme in mind as well as simplicity, as sometimes the most simple things are the best.

As you can see, I have used black in these designs as it is such a strong and versatile colour and makes the pieces really eye catching.

Red , Black .white combination of colours is back in fashion and that is just as well a

s my range has always used these colours. I am so glad as it is incongruent with my brand that

I make elegant and timeless creations that will never date.

Another bonus of buying one of my designs is that I will guarnatee it for the first 6 months.

I have made these necklaces in 3 colours so far- Red/black, Teal and black and Brown and black. More colours to come , perhaps a purple and black .

I have kept the price very affordable, but I am sure if you do decide to buy one of these you will long remeber the quality after you have forgotten the price.

They $85.00 EACH and they have a lovely clasp and if you have a simple pair of black earring at home then you have a set. If not a pair can be made for you at half the normal price of $18.00, so you will have a great set all for under $100.00.

Price: $85.00
Code: DEC09- NS001A-Noo1C
Red and black has Sold ( only 1 bead left to make only 1 more)

choose colour

Red dyed stone and Fresh water Pearls and Black Glass and Peyote
Tubes. Sliver plated Toggle.

This is a bold necklace and so versatile in that it can be mixed and matched , wear it with white , black or red. Buy this necklace and you can purchase a pair of earring to match at 50% off .

Pearl earring drops to match with surgical steel $10.00

Price: $ 83.00 with pearl drops - $93.00
Code: DEC09-NS002

Necklace /earring

Another Classic designs and colour scheme.
Red Sea Bamboo Pendant

Price: $92.00

Code: DEC09-N003

Red Dyed Stone Donut with Black glass and sterling clasp.

Simple yet stunning. I have one and it just looks wonderful.
Buy the matching earring at 50% off- Pearl or Black glass drops for $10.00

Price: $42.00 with earrings $52.00
Code: DEC09-NS004

Necklace or set

Cheers for now.

ZaniL Design, passionate about providing you with quality and unique jewellery items.


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