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Thursday, February 5, 2009

ZaniL Design Pearl Jewellery- Perfect for Brides

Welcome to ZaniL Design

The New year has well and truly begun with January already gone. I hope everyone is keeping cool with 40 plus degrees. Looking forward to autumn.

This month I have made some great Biwa Fresh water Pearl designs. I have also made a few changes to make my hand made unique and distinctive jewellery and accessories even more affordable.

Cheaper when you order from the blog
My blog prices from February onwards are going to be 5-10% cheaper on the blog. So if you see a design you like be sure to send me an email : .

ZaniL Design Rewards
I have introduced a reward program. Every time you spend $25.00 you can collect a stamp and once you have collected 10, you will receive $15.00 worth of ZaniL Design Product.

There will also be monthly Specials from time to time.

This I hope will help you save some money when buying gifts or a special heirloom piece for your self.

With all the news about the economy I think it is so important to support your local businesses,
to save local jobs and keep small business operators going. Buying a Australian hand made item is not only special and unique but it keeps local people creating and making beautiful items and out of the unemployment queues.

So thank you so buying hand made and supporting this very important industry.

Above and on the right.
New Silver plated clasps I will be using.
White Biwa Fresh Water Pearls.
Price: $62.00 (SOLD)
code: FEB09-N001

Biwa Fresh water pearls and Abalone Ovals
Magnetic fold over Clasp- secure
Price: $60.00
Code: FEB09-BR001

White Biwa and Fresh Water Pearls
Silver Plated C clasp

Price: $81.00
Code: FEB09-BR002

Large white foil Heart.
This one needs to be ordered.
Price: $32.00
Code: FEB09-N002

Large FWP drop with Swarovski .
Peyote Bugle tubes .
Come with Sterling earring.
Price: $125.00
Code: FEB09-N003

Swarovski and Abalone Shell ovals bracelet /earring SET.
Surgical steel ear posts. Magnetic clasps.
Price: $58.00 (SOLD)
Code: FEB09-BR003

Simple Mother of Pearl - Blue Summer Necklace.
Looks beautiful on. Great for young adolescents gift idea.
magnetic clasp.
33cm in length
Price: $14.00
code: FEB09-N004


That's it folks - Thought for the month
Always offer a smile to strangers as you never know who you might cheer up.
When ever you smile , 99% of the time you will get a smile in return.
cheers for now

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