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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ZaniL Design Gemstone Jewellery

ZaniL Design Handmade Gemstone Jewellery

Welcome once again. The months just seem to fly on past. I meant to get this Blog out earlier, but with the school holidays things got a little hectic.

I have made some jewellery using my favourite Gemstones of Garnet, Onyx, Tiger Eye, Fluorite and Amethyst ( not pictured as it sold before I could photograph it).

I also plan on making some new pieces in Turquoise, Ruby and Saphire and Amber in the future months when I get my next lot of orders in. Keep posted to see what develops.

Remember Postage and handling is included and orders over $50.00 will be sent via Registered post.

Above: Onyx Chips and Red Siam Swarovski and Czech beads with Onyx Pendant, gold plated findings and extension chain. Matching earring included.

Codes: GN-OCT08-001, Price: $ 68.00 set

Onyx :Inspires you to honor inner wisdom, deep protection stone that helps balance intuition with action, great for long endurance and self mastery, absorbs positive energy from your environment and brings it into you.
( extracted from

Right: Garnet Chips with Cliosonne Pendant and gold plated fob clasp. Matching earring included.

Code: GN-OCT08-002
Price: $65.00 ( SOLD)

Garnet: Red Colour of garnet is the colour of passion and symbolises the passion in maters of the heart and also passion in all levels of ones life. Garnet stimulates devotion to family, friend, yourself and your goals. Garnet also assists in the desire to achieve and gives strength and courage to commit to descisions. It has spirirtual healing and assists in ones determination to be successful in life. It is believed to help to regulate the heart and blood flow.

Simple Garnet Chip Necklace with matching earings.
Gold plated Fob Clasp.

Code: GN-OCT08-003
Price: $45.00

Tigers Eye and black Glass Beads with Agate Pendant.

Code: GN-OCT08-004
Price: $ 45.00

Tigers eye:Tiger's eye (tigers eye, tiger eye, tiger iron) is a member of the quartz group of chalcedonies. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones. Chatoyancy exhibits a changeable silky luster as light is reflected within the thin parallel fibrous bands. This effect is due to the fibrous structure of the material.
( extracted from-
Spirital benefits are it is good for health and well being.

Onyx Chips and silver Glass Bugles .
Matching earrings

Code: GN-OCT08-004
Price: $35.00

Flourite Chips with Amethst Glass beads and earring set.

This can also be made in Amethyst.

Code: GN-OCT08-005
Price: $ 30.00

Amethyst: The colour purple of Amethyst has been assoiciated
with royalty for thousands of years. It is the purlpe variety of Quartz.

Throughout history amethyst has been used to guard against drunkenness and is thought to be helpful in overcoming addiction. It has been used for hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and other pain. Some sources suggest it is used to stabilize mental disorders ( extracted from

Flourite: Can help increase your concentration and sharpen your intuition. It is a highly effective brain stone allowing you to use your creativity to solve problems.

Red Sea Bamboo and Black Glass bead Necklace set.

Gold plated findings

Beautiful and simple and great combination of colours.

Code: GN-OCT08-006

Price: $45.00

Earring can be bought separately $12.00

Red Sea Bamboo bracelet

Code: BR-OCT08-001

Price: $18.00

For more information on Gemstones, look them up in Google, there is so much information and there is a lot to learn.

Keep checking blog as I will be making more gemstone jewellery next month.

Cheers for now.


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